The Mission

Our Mission, Vision & Values

‘Provide the young people of Salford and surrounding areas with appropriate opportunities to play futsal / football.’

Established in 2015, originally aiming to raise awareness/accessibility in futsal we engaged around 80 children in the first 12 months. During early 2017 a number of people expressed interest in wishing to play their football under the banner of ‘Salford Futsal Club’. We don’t want egos or attitudes of ‘results matter’ in the youth section of our club, by providing appropriate opportunity and measuring participation/player retention – we are successful. We still maintain our wish of raising awareness of futsal and each of our coaches/players will be encouraged to experience and understand the game of futsal, particularly throughout the winter months. If we can incorporate futsal techniques and principles into our games then this is considered another success!


Participation   |   Education   |   Health


Participation – we want young people active and enjoying their sport. Through fun, relevant sessions, delivered in a safe and appropriate environment we aim to provide each child with the opportunity to develop as much as they can. Coaches that ‘get it’ are a must and the hope is that parents will understand the message too. A 21st century club for 21st century children.


Education is an often forgotten about aspect of childrens coaching. Many clubs simply ignore this aspect of the game and that means the children are left with an environment that depends completely on the coaches attitude towards their own development. We want to support our coaches with courses, CPD, online & hard copy resources for futsal, football and for coaching in general which can be used in their working life, too.


The Health of our people is paramount and by providing an environment where they can thrive, this will allow them the opportunity to fall in love with the game and hopefully start a life of on-going activity that lasts beyond their teenage years.  Participation + Education = Health. As with everything in life, we can’t simply say these things and make them true, we must live through all these in our thoughts and actions – it must become a way of life, hence our motto; Un estilo de vida, homage to the Spanish speaking country of Uruguay where futsal originated.